In Part 1 of this post, I explained what I perceive to be some elemental changes in the way businesses are approaching their marketing programs due to their concerns about a soft economy and governmental hostility. This post will explain the changes I’m making in my business model to bring my service package more in line with these new market conditions.

For one thing, I’ve compressed my research and analysis functions so that they consume less time and less of my clients’ budgets. Instead of studying a new client’s marketplace at length and composing a detailed analysis, I’m offering a “research-on-the-fly” package that’s accomplished in the course of a few intense days at the client’s facilities. This approach enables me to quickly find out what I need to know, create the necessary plans, and hit the ground running with tactical implementation that will immediately impact sales activity.

And I believe that’s what companies want right now…immediate action that makes a measurable difference.

Another change in my business model is a refocusing of my efforts on functioning as a seasoned Contract Marketing Director for organizations that are big enough to need experienced marketing direction, but aren’t yet large enough to justify a professional C-level marketing director on staff full-time.

My program enables me to provide the analysis, branding, planning, organization, and implementation that these companies need as a strategic partner. This is a “right-sized” solution that eliminates large salaries, benefits, and commitments, while squeezing the most impact out of each client’s marketing budget.

This program begins with an agreement on an overall marketing budget. Project work is paid for as it occurs, and a monthly marketing management fee pays for all the coordination and logistics, as well as a couple of face-to-face meetings with me every month for continued strategizing, monitoring, and vision-casting.

This program is specifically formulated for companies that are willing to allow me to grab hold of their marketing program and run it for them –– with plenty of communication and accountability built-in, of course.

If a client already has an in-house marketing coordinator, all the better. I’ll work with that person closely and collaboratively to produce maximum marketing results while mentoring them for greater effectiveness in their position.

I’m excited about the potential for mutual success I see in my revised business model –– even in an economy that’s far less robust than we’d all like it to be. Business is still being transacted –– it’s a question of whether you want to leverage your resources to capture all the business and market share you can, or simply “wait and see” and hope for the best.

If you’d like to explore the potential of working together to enhance your marketing, we should talk. I’d suggest we get together at your place of business for a chat. I’ll bring the coffee. Call me at 949.233.6995, or email me at