Here’s a glimpse of what clients have said about working with me.

“Rick is very creative and always seems to have new, fresh, and innovative ideas that strengthen marketing campaigns and build brand strength and awareness. I’ve never known a person that is easier or more enjoyable to work with.”
David Bishop
Business Development Manager, Wila USA

“Rick Rickards worked closely with me in promoting the products of a major manufacturer of stamping presses. He created a variety of messages and materials that delivered a real impact in the marketplace, both in terms of short-term lead generation and long-term brand development. Rick was great to work with…he offers a wealth of knowledge coupled with a positive team-player attitude.”
Andrew Chase
President, Stamping Solutions, Inc.

“In our company, there were a number of people who had different ideas regarding marketing strategy and communications. Some of these ideas were good, and some were not so good. Rick always listened to everyone with an open mind. If Rick thought we were taking the wrong approach, he would explain why. In addition, Rick would always propose an alternate – and ultimately more effective – way of doing things. Rick’s expertise saved us from making poor marketing decisions on more than one occasion.”
Chris Doll
Business Development Manager, PSM International

“Rick has a strong sense of what drives customer decision-making and how best to communicate a product or service’s strengths to meet customer needs. Rick is a marketing professional who is committed to helping his clients succeed.”
Gunter Glocker
President, Wila USA

“Rick is an incredibly deep strategic thinker. He has amazing insight into complex problems, which is the key to his success. Clients receive custom marketing plans to fit their individual problems, as opposed to getting an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-most solution. Rick is also extremely versatile in his capabilities. He’s flexible and team-minded, making him an asset to any marketing situation.”
Paul McQuade
President, Fireworx Digital

“I think one of Rick’s major strengths is his versatility. He has a thorough understanding of creative through research and marketing. I know many guys who are very good in their area of expertise, but Rick is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in every step of the process. He’s a ‘Big Picture’ guy.”
Rob Wagner
Owner, BizCoachRob.com

“Rick Rickards is not only skilled for the job, but is always fun to work with. His positive disposition, humor, and clever marketing twist always result in an attention-grabbing ad campaign. He will always be my “go-to guy” when it comes to brand identity, strategies and advertising.”
Monty Kelso
Co-Founder, Slingshot Group

“Being a former business partner of Rick Rickards, I know him on both a global and personal level and I can honestly say that I have never met a more well-rounded creative person. To say that he is versatile would be a gross understatement. He excels at conceptualizing and executing complex marketing strategies that work.”
Bob Kimzey
Marketing Curmudgeon

“The thing about Rick is that I always feel better about myself having spent time with him. He has a knack for absorbing our passion and then polishing it so it is recognizable by others.”
Steve Kendra
Director of The NF Team

“Rick has been indispensable in the development of The Bridge. He is thoughtful, articulate and creative, consistently delivering the plans and products needed to be successful in a wide variety of ventures. When I need help in terms of analysis and strategy, Rick Rickards is the first person I call. He is timely, responsible and always hits the bulls-eye.”
Paul Thé
Senior Pastor, The Bridge

“We hired Rick to produce a video for a client who is building homes in the Mississippi Gulf Coast, helping people who have lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. I traveled with Rick on this project and marveled at his work ethic. His strategic planning prior to the actual shoot made for a “hit-the-ground-running” action plan which allowed us to get amazing raw footage from places we would never have dreamed of. When the video was first presented, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Rick definitely achieved our goal.”
Marc Friedman
Director of Marketing, EMS by Comtrans