Here is some basic information about how my program works.

My marketing services are especially designed to meet the needs of companies that are poised for growth and are serious about aggressively pursuing an enhanced market presence and increased sales. When we work together, I focus on providing three important benefits:

      1) A stronger brand. For a company’s brand to resonate with prospects and customers, it’s necessary to consistently present the company’s differentiation in a way that promises — and delivers — unique benefits. My clients benefit from my ability to strategize, articulate, and protect their brand integrity.

      2) Increased sales. With the exception of most non-profits, all of my clients are seeking the same result – increased sales volume. The concept of marketing is simple: A well-conceived and well-executed marketing program connects a product or service with qualified buyers of that product or service, resulting in greater sales and market share. But don’t let the simplicity of the marketing concept itself deceive you…the creation and execution of a successful program requires intuition, experience, and an expansive set of specialized skills and knowledge.

      3) Increased profits. It doesn’t take a lot of special skill to increase sales at the expense of profitability – anyone can generate volume by slashing prices! I don’t work that way. My approach is to enhance sales while maintaining strong margins. That makes my programs sustainable and self-supporting – it’s important to me that my marketing programs pay for themselves many times over.

So how do we get started? Different clients prefer different ways to initiate a working relationship with me. Some start by commissioning me to conduct a market study or a brand audit. Others prefer to test out the relationship by having me develop a project for them. Still others start by deputizing me to construct a new marketing communications budget for their company.

I’m flexible. To discuss how we could best work together, contact me at 949.233.6995, or email me at Rick@RickardsMarketing.com.